Position ALK strongly and competitively alongside other allergy companies by venturing into consumer engagement.


ALK is a world leading pharmaceutical company providing a wide range of allergy treatments.To meet the rising demand for healthcare e-commerce solutions, ALK needed a new business model that focused on direct communication with the end consumer. So how do you turn an old and dusty allergy company into a modern lifestyle consumer brand and launch products and solutions in a market where product innovation and development usually requires several yearsand enormous costs?


The answer was klarify.me - a digitally informed ecosystem and consumer brand, which functions both as a sales channel and as a feedback loop for product development.Whenever a product took off in sales and received positive feedback from the consumers, we turned the more tactical marketing efforts into a branding exercise. This was a cost-effective way to develop and launch products and at the same time build brand. With klarify.me ALK wanted to change the way in which people live with allergies by offering a never-before-seen access to allergy knowledge, products and services.